Trip Lee – Supernatural (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Trip Lee Supernatural mp3 download

Gospel music phenomenally enormous singer Trip Lee drops in a  new track titled “Supernatural”.

This track has wonderfully been a blessing to the body of Christ, Kindly get the file below and share.

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Lyrics: Supernatural – Trip Lee

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

I wish [?] fruit was bitter
I wish we all would get banned from Twitter
I wish hip-hop didn’t rule for killers
I wish police didn’t shoot to kill us
I wish that I could dance like “Thriller”
I wish e’erybody knew my God the healer, the cancer killer
Wish actors, wish act up pepper for liquor, pretend some livers
With my dawgs, what’s up
From prestos to they faith
Wish our world wasn’t programmed to see thug on my face
Wish I knew it’d be better for my kids
That they wouldn’t grow up with violence
Wish our leader was qualified to give more in dollar signs

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If I have to
We can skip to assume
Show you what them fakes do
They say he a natural
But we need supernatural, we need supernatural
The way He acts though, it seems so supernatural

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I know some churches the field of villains
Livin’ for them dollar bills they stealin’
I wish you’d see all them men and women
Really livin’ ’bout what His will’s revealin’
I wish nobody was drinkin’
The thick of Jesus is what Republicans be feelin’
I’m glad He’s comin’ again with village, sin’s the villain
Ayy, I was havin’ to pray more off
Must survive in this cage or I’m toast
Huh, I know He lives, ayy
You can tell about it when He comes
And if He turns on my mic
And tunes into these soundbites
I hope my prayers sound right
My suit jump like [?]

If I have to
We can skip to assume
Show you what them fakes do
They say he a natural
But we need supernatural, we need supernatural
The way He acts though, it seems so supernatural, natural
Natural, we need supernatural
You can check the fakes too, we need supernatural
Yeah, we need supernatural, we need supernatural
Check the math too, bruh, we need supernatural, natural

About This Piece

The prolific Gospel envoy releases this official powerful piece which can be seen below. On the ministration, the minister marvels at the mystery of a God who remains when he is given every reason to walk away.
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Charged with urgent spiritual elevation and edification, the heartfelt chorus passes into a final bridge of total surrender. The award-winning minister of God wrote the gospel in partnership with the Holy Spirit to deliver this amazing piece.
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But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but with God everything is possible. – Matthew 19:26
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Nothing is Impossible with God

There has not been anything impossible with our God for centuries past and until always, everything will be possible with Him, this is the message that we have come to resonate with this incredible recording. Believe in God, engage him in things that seem impossible, and watch the impossibilities unfold and this disturbing problem become a solved case. This was also accompanied by a beautiful live recorded video. He watches below, downloads and spreads news about the God of Possibilities everywhere.