Jonathan McReynolds – Oh! (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Jonathan McReynolds  Oh! mp3 download

Gospel music phenomenally enormous singer Jonathan McReynolds drop in a  new track titled “ Oh!”.

This track has wonderfully been a blessing to the body of Christ, Kindly get the file below and share.

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Lyrics: Oh! Jonathan McReynolds

Oh oh oh oh oh…

See there are a lot of substitute guys
That someone’s going to worship
And it ain’t even funny
They’re wasting their money
On a trend they just now heard of
Just to humble the truth
That I found in you
The one and only Jesus
And some won’t admit it
And some just don’t get it
Would you never ever leave us

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So I shout it
Yes I shout it
From the rooftops I shout it

Oh oh oh oh oh
I believe in you
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’m so in love with you

See I’m not the judge
But I can’t ignore it
When I see a believer
So afraid to proclaim
The fame of your name
Then I see them at the ball game
Giving glory to man
When you’re the creator
The celebrity of ages
And I won’t be quiet
I’m too excited
Every chance I get to show it

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I shout it
Yes I shout it
From the rooftops I shout it

Oh oh oh oh oh
I believe in you
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’m so in love with you

Cause you been so good
And there’s nobody like ya
Still can’t believe someone is still missing out
On a God that loves ya
When nobody likes ya
Sees every need behind every thought
But as for me
I am persuaded
That you are the best thing to happen to me
So I shout it out
Tell everyone
All about

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Oh oh oh oh oh
I believe in you
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’m so in love with you

About This Piece

The prolific Gospel envoy releases this official powerful piece which can be seen below. On the ministration, the minister marvels at the mystery of a God who remains when he is given every reason to walk away.
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Charged with urgent spiritual elevation and edification, the heartfelt chorus passes into a final bridge of total surrender. The award-winning minister of God wrote the gospel in partnership with the Holy Spirit to deliver this amazing piece. But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but with God everything is possible. – Matthew 19:26
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Nothing is Impossible with God

There has not been anything impossible with our God for centuries past and until always, everything will be possible with Him, this is the message that we have come to resonate with this incredible recording. Believe in God, engage him in things that seem impossible, and watch the impossibilities unfold and this disturbing problem become a solved case. This was also accompanied by a beautiful live recorded video. He watches below, downloads and spreads news about the God of Possibilities everywhere.